The SAFFA Festival is an adventure through South Africa’s vibrant culture right here on the Isle of Man – a family-friendly day of community, entertainment, food, wine, sport and culinary competitiveness, in the spirit of South Africa, and our continent, fondly known as ‘gees’.

Brought to you by Isle Settle and proudly sponsored by Standard Bank in partnership with the IOM Chapter of SA Chamber of Commerce UK, the SAFFA Festival welcomes everyone to taste, feel, and embrace the wonders of South African culture, food, and music. The SAFFA Festival is a testament to the blending of communities, an inclusive event intended not just for South African expats but for everyone – a celebration of ‘ubuntu’, a sense of togetherness and universal bonding.

The inaugural SAFFA Festival took place on 23 September at The Nunnery in Douglas. Take a look at the fun-filled day in our gallery.

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